It is the domain name that I use for conducting business via email. I have no need for a web site at the moment. I reserve the right to publish one in the future, should a need arise.

2. Where are the lists of palindromes that I was expecting?

Click here or here.

3. How can I get support for Palindrome backup software?

I have no affiliation with this product or Palindrome Corp. Palindrome Corp. (the original makers of Backup Director for Novel Netware) was purchased by Seagate, then Veritas purchased Seagate's software company, then Symanatec bought Veritas. There are still some utilities to deal with Palindrome Backup Director catalogs available there, but not much direct support of the software. Some data recovery providers can read tapes written with this software. Click here.

4. Can I buy your domain?


5. Do you want to buy...?

No, thank you.